Measuring Guide


Your Veridian coat and/or trouser sizing will be more accurate if you take extra care with measurements. The following list of measurements are necessary for both men’s and women’s garments.


1. Chest size: Measure loosely over clothing around the fullest part of the chest with the arms at rest. For individuals with broad shoulders, muscular arms and/or back, an additional over the arm-chest measure is extremely helpful. Again, measure loosely over fullest part of chest with arms at rest. Round up both measurements to nearest even size.

1a. Stomach: Please include measurement around stomach.

2. You should expect that Veridian’s standard sleeve length per size would fit a vast majority of fire fighters. Otherwise, with arms straight down to side, measure from the base of the back of the neck, over the shoulder and down the arm to the base of the thumb.


3. Waist: Measure around waist, over any clothing that would be worn under trousers. Typical men’s measurement will be taken just above pant waist, or belt.

4. Inseam: Standard inseam lengths are available in one inch increments. Inseam length should be shorter than regular trouser inseam to prevent damage to cuffs. Measure from the crotch down the inside of the leg to the bottom of the ankle bone.

5. (Female) Hip: Measure around the fullest part of the hip area.

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