525 Series – H Back

VB-525H-W-W for Waist-High Trouser, 47” length
VB-525H-S-W for Semi-High Back Trouser, 42” length

525 Series – X Back

VB-525X-W-W for Waist-High Trouser, 52” length
VB-525X-S-W For Semi-High Back Trouser, 37” length

680 Series – EZ Adjust Padded H Back

VV-680H-W-W for Waist-High Trouser, 44” length
VV-680H-S-W for Semi-High Back Trouser, 42.5” length

580 Series – X Back Elastic Suspenders

VB-580X-W-R For Waist-High Trouser 41” length
VB-580X-S-R For Semi-High Back Trouser 37” length


Pockets are available lined or reinforced with moisture barrier, self material, leather, Kevlar® twill, or poly coated Kevlar®. Bellows and Semi-Bellows pockets can be ordered in a divided style for multiple interior compartments. Pockets located on lower hem of coat include reflective trim.

Tool Pocket

With internatal Kevlar® pocket dividers

Center Bellows with Hand Warmer

Also available without Hand Warmer

Bellows with Hand Warmer

Also available without Hand Warmer


Available with Hand Warmer


Medic Pocket

Designed to stow small essential tools securely and within easy reach

T-Flap Radio


Patch Utility

Face Mask


2 interior pouches


Like our pockets, Veridian accessories can be customized to fit your needs. Pictured here are popular accessories. Don’t see what you want? Contact your sales representative to discuss how we can provide the unique options that you require.

Flashlight Snap/Strap


SL90 Flashlight Holder

Flashlight Pass Tab/Strap


Mic Tab

Utility Loop

Pass Tab

Sturdy leather tab encased in self material

Snap Hook

Dee Ring

Heavy Duty or Multipurpose Clip

Glove Strap

Multipurpose Tab

Belt Loops

Set of 5 belt loops at trouser waist

Side Take Up Straps

Postman Slide Take Up Straps

Replaceable Knee Frame

Knee frame with padded self fabric knee reinforcement

Inner Knee Pocket with Pad

Zipper Leg Expansion

Integrated Back Support

Fully removable lumbar support

Harness Loops

Set of exterior loops with Hook & Loop/Compression Snap closure for easy and secure harness installation

Internal Class II Harness

4” Wristlet

Available in Kevlar® or Nomex®

4” Thumb Tab Wristlet

Available in Kevlar® or Nomex®

Double Wristlet

Available in Kevlar® or Nomex®

8” Thumb thru Wristlet

Available in Kevlar® or Nomex®


Letter Patches

Letters are available in 2” or 3” and in Lime Yellow, Red Orange or Reflexite®. Patches are available to customer’s specified size and location. Letter application choices include:


Snap Letter Patch, Name Tail Patch (with or without trim), Velcro Letter Patch.

Sewn On

Sewn Letter Patch, Direct Lettering, Sew On Tapered Tail Patch (with or without trim).

Trim Styles Coats

NFPA Basic

NFPA with High Visibility

New York

New York with High Visibilty


NFPA Basic

Vertical Side


3.5” American Flag Gloflex Nomex®

3.5” American Flag Gloflex Subdued

3.5” Canadian Flag Nomex®

6” Star of Life Blue

6” Star of Life Lime Yellow

Reflective Trim Materials

Comfort Trim, Lime Yellow & Red Orange 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material

3” Lime Yellow & Red Orange Triple Trim 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material

3” Lime Yellow & Red Orange Solid Trim 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material

3” Striped Reflexite® and 2″ and 3″ Solid Reflexite®


COAT (Outer/Inner)

Hook & Loop/Zipper
Hook & Loop/Snap Hook & Dee with Compression Snap (Chicago Style)
Snap Hook & Dee/Hook & Loop
Snap Hook & Dee/Compression Snap
Snap Hook & Dee/Zipper
Snap Hook & Dee + Hook & Loop/Zipper

TROUSER (Outer/Inner)

Snap Hook & Dee/Hook & Loop
Snap Hook & Dee/Zipper
Snap Hook & Dee/Compression Snap
Snap Hook & Dee with Hoop & Loop/Zipper
Hook & Loop with Compression Snap/Zipper


Thermal padding is available with reinforcement options:
Possible reinforcement materials are poly-coated Kevlar®, leather, or self material
Coat and trouser cuffs are available with the same reinforcement materials
Trouser cuffs can be optionally angled to ensure that they are not subject to wear and tear from the boot heel

Padded Reinforced Knee with Multi-Directional Flex Technology
Individual padded diamond pockets allow complete flexibility & unmatched performance.
Poly-coated Kevlar® fo superior performance, in black, gold, or gray.
Optional inner knee padding pocket for added comfor protection
Available in a ReplaceableKnee Frame