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Outer Shell
Nomex IIIA

Proven economical protection features the proven dependability of Nomex®. Inherently flame resistant, exhibits low flammability and high strength. Will not melt, drip or char at temperatures up to 700ºF.

Quality at an unbeatable price. The most economical outer shell fabric on the market. Proven quality, thermal stability and affordable protection.

Outstanding selection of colors, weights and weaves. 

Advance™ (Kevlar/Nomex) - Material Specs

TenCate Advance™ offers proven performance in an amazingly affordable outer shell fabric. Its special construction, engineered from a blend of DuPont™ KEVLAR® and NOMEX® brand fibers, provides high strength, durability and thermal protection.

  • Outstanding thermal protection – Exceptional thermal integrity allows the use of lightweight liners for added comfort, flexibility and performance without compromising thermal protection.
  • Proven durability – Built-in protection of fiber blend and rip-stop weave provides strength and flexibility even after extreme thermal exposure.
  • Long-lasting dependability – Proven track record in the field.
  • Highly affordable – Hardworking outer shell at a great price.
FUSION™ (Kevlar/Nomex) - Material Specs
A powerful, almost invincible alloy that combines three revolutionary firefighting
technologies: solution dyed DuPont™ Nomex®, perfectly blended with solution dyed
DuPont™ Kevlar®, encapsulated with a miracle layer of our patented Teflon®
F-PPE. These three elements are combined into an innovative low-profile rip-stop
weave to deliver excellent thermal protection, unsurpassed performance in color

longevity, with superior abrasion resistance and water repellency.
TenCate Pioneer™ with ENFORCE™ Technology (Kevlar/Nomex) - Material Specs
The next innovation in firefighter outer shells arrives: TenCate Pioneer with ENFORCE Technology.  Venturing forth as the first-ever outer shell using ENFORCE Technology, TenCate Pioneer delivers:
  • Enhanced strength in a lighter weight outer shell
  • Enhanced comfort with extraordinary flexibility
  • Enhanced appearance with a distinctive look
  • Uncompromised protection and durability of TenCate
A newly engineered, innovative twill weave ensures a range and ease of movement that firefighters want and need to remain on the job and in the action. TenCate ENFORCE Technology means that this outer shell fabric is as much as 10 percent lighter than traditional outer shells but still delivers the strength and durability that firefighters have come to expect from TenCate. TenCate Pioneer with ENFORCE Technology has a distinctive appearance unlike any other outer shell fabric available on the market and will be offered in a wide variety of colors including Light Gold, Yellow, Spruce Green, Black and Khaki. For any firefighters who may be considering a switch to new turn out gear, consider TenCate Pioneer with ENFORCE Technology.
Armor AP™ (Kevlar/Nomex) - Material Specs
For the last two decades, fire departments choosing outer shells made of 40% DuPont™ 
Nomex®/60% DuPont™ Kevlar® have been limited to stiff and uncomfortable gear...

until now. Utilizing the groundbreaking Filament Twill Technology™ used in 
PBI Max™, Safety Components is launching Armor AP™ to fill the needs of 
firefighters who prefer improved mobility, improved durability, and improved 
protection at an economical price. Armor AP—a 6.5 oz. outer shell with 
absolute performance.
Ultra® (Kevlar/Nomex/PBO) - Material Specs

Which outer shell performance requirement is most important? Strength, Heat Resistance, Heat Insulation, Abrasion Resistance or Heat Stress? When you factor in the cost of the fabric, TenCate Advance ultra® is always your best value. Its unique construction, engineered from a blend with DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand fiber, provides superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.

  • Better strength (tensile and tear) after thermal exposure than any competitive fabric.
  • Better abrasion resistance than any competitive fabric.
  • Excellent thermal protection.
  • Maximum Protection, Maximum Value.
ARMOR™ (Kevlar/Nomex) - Material Specs
Armor 7.0 offers firefighters an innovative outer shell fabric with Filament Fiber
Technology. Armor 7.0 combines military grade, ballistic filament DuPont™ Kevlar®,
solution dyed DuPont™ Nomex® and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers that provides added
thermal protection, excellent tear resistance and superior fabric strength. Blended
into a lighter weight, seven-ounce twill-weave fabric that improves comfort and mobility.
Features our patented DuPont™ Teflon® F-PPE finish for the best water repellancy.
PBI Max™ (PBI/Kevlar) - Material Specs
It started with PBI Gold® in 1985. Then came PBI Matrix® in 2003. Fast forward to
2012 and meet the next generation of PBI outer shell fabrics: PBI Max™. Developed
by Safety Components, this patent pending design offers fire fighters the best
combination of break open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell fabric
in the world, and unbelievable comfort and flexibility. 
KOMBAT™ FLEX (PBI/Kevlar) - Material Specs

Firefighters can’t afford to choose between comfort and protection. Now, they don’t have to.

Fire ground conditions can be more than dangerous and demanding, they can be wildly unpredictable.

For firefighters, protection always comes first but sometimes they need to move fast and easily.

Engineered to offer an effective blend of solid, flame-resistant protection and ease of movement, Kombat Flex uses proven technology and innovative design to create an outer shell that stands out among the rest.

Kombat Flex weighs in at 6.9 osy (235 gsm) making a light yet tough alternative as an outer shell.

Less Weight…Less Stress

TenCate Kombat™ Flex provides the reassurance of names firefighters know and trust with a fresh approach to flexibility. PBI andKevlar fiber provide excellent FR protection from well known, trusted brands.

A firefighters’ job is hard enough, why make it harder by limiting mobility? Kombat Flex gives firefighters the freedom and ease of movement to get in, get the job done and get out.

  • Trusted Protection: PBI and DuPont Kevlar fiber provide excellent FR protection from well known, trusted brands.
  • Outstanding Performance: Soft and flexible but still scores high in Tensile Strength and Trap Tear testing and has very good abrasion resistance.
  • Durability: Bettert abrasion than competitive fabric.
  • Maintains Appearance: Kombat Flex retains its like-new and supple appearance after repeated launderings.
  • Soft and Flexible: Soft hand and ergonomic design mean ease of movement and more flexibility.
  • Available in Natural Gold and High-Resolution Black
Gemini™ XT (Kevlar/PBI) - Material Specs

The #1 selling PBI Matrix outer shell fabric just got better. TenCate Gemini™XT combines the proven performance of PBI® with the advanced engineering expertise of TenCate. The thermal resistance of PBI® and Dupont Kevlar® spun yarns are reinforced with a high-strength filament grid. 

TenCate high performance fabrics provide protection, comfort, durability and excellent value. 

  • Advanced engineering - Gemini™XT features a patented high tech grid of composite filament & spun yarns that provides strength, reduces abrasion and eliminates puckering. 
  • Superior durability - 5 times better abrasion resistance than competitive PBI® fabrics. 
  • Excellent thermal protection - Strong and flexible before and after thermal exposure. 
  • Increased strength - 20% increase in trapezoidal tear strength. 
Millenia™ XT (Para-Aramid/PBO) - Material Specs

TenCate Millenia™ XT makes an extreme leap forward in outer shell protection and flexibility. It outperforms every other premium outer shell fabric in every test that matters: thermal insulation, strength after exposure and durability. With this landmark advance in textiles technology, TenCate introduces a new generation of strength--and strengthens an unparalleled tradition of leadership through innovation.

  • Highest thermal stability. Retains strength and flexibility even after thermal exposure.
  • Greatest strength retention. 250% stronger after thermal exposure than any competitive outer shell.
  • Best initial strength. 40% greater strength than any other outer shell.
  • Greatest flexibility. Supple hand enables more freedom of movement in tight spots than any other protective fabric.
  • Most durable. Unbeatable in durability and overall wear life.
  • Top performance in Taber abrasion resistance.
  • 7-year warranty against fabric holes and tears.
Aluminized PBI/Kevlar 1098 - Material Specs

Heat Shielding … Radiant heat is a major component of a fire and the first wave of heat encountered by proximity fire fighters and industrial workers. Gentex Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabrics are specifically designed for the manufacture of flexible reflective garments used in close proximity to high intensity fires. Lightweight and pliable outer-shell fabrics are readily combined with vapor barriers and thermal liners to provide firefighters with the ultimate protection against extreme heat. A metalized aluminum surface is clearly the most effective flexible barrier for stopping radiant – or infrared heat. Our mirror-like surface reflects radiant heat away, rather than allowing it to be absorbed by the fabric.

INDURA® Ultra Soft® Cotton - Material Specs
INDURA® Ultra Soft® fabric carries the same guarantee as INDURA® in that the flame resistant finish is guaranteed for the life of the garment. The addition of the high tenacity nylon to this fabric increases significantly the wear life of the garment without compromising the “cotton comfort”. INDURA® Ultra Soft® fabric is designed to withstand regular industrial launderings and offers excellent protection from both electric arc exposure and flash fire exposure.
Tecasafe® Plus - Material Specs
TenCate knows what wildland firefighters need. And we satisfy that need with products that exceed all others in quality, comfort and FR performance. TenCate fabrics meet rigorous industry standards as mandated by government specifications for protection, comfort and durability. With 26 issued patents and an additional 53 fabric technology patents pending. TenCate sets the industry pace by creating first-to-market breakthrough solutions based on unmatched scientific expertise.  
Advance™ - Material Specs
TenCate Advance™ outer shell offers proven performance in an amazingly affordable outer shell fabric. Its special construction, engineered from a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® brand fibers, provides high strength, durability and thermal protection.

  • Outstanding thermal protection: Reliable performance with a variety of thermal barriers allows the use of lightweight liners for added comfort, flexibility and performance without compromising thermal protection.
  • Proven durability: Built-in protection of fiber blend and rip-stop weave provides strength and flexibility.
  • Long-lasting dependability: Proven track record in the field.
  • Highly affordable: Hardworking outer shell at a great price.
TenCate Defender M® - Material Specs

TenCate Defender® M was engineered to closely resemble more traditional, non-flame resistant fabrics that combat professionals were already  familiar with so the transition would flow smoothly.

As an everyday performance fabric, Defender M is lightweight and breathable and uses TenCate Coolderm™ Technology to wick moisture and perspiration away from the skin, minimizing discomfort in high-heat environments.

Inherently FR, this proprietary blend, including Lenzing® FR fiber, was created to give troops an extra margin of protection.

Once the heat source is removed, Defender® M self-extinguishes quickly. No matter how many times the uniform is laundered or how long it is worn, the patented FR qualities of TenCate Defender M will not wash or wear out.

Defender M is available in several weights and constructions, including a variety of woven fabrics, stretch woven fabrics, laminates and knits for garment design options.

Brigade™ - Material Specs

TenCate Brigade® proves that good protection doesn’t have to carry a high price tag. This classic Nomex® outer shell fabric continues to build on its strong 30-year reputation for rugged durability by protecting firefighters against extreme temperatures and grueling conditions.

TenCate Brigade is the most economical outer shell fabric on the market. Brigade® offers proven quality, thermal stability and affordable protection in a wide range of colors.

Moisture Barrier
STEDAIR® 3000 - Material Specs

STEDAIR® 3000: Using a combination of microporous and monolithic film technologies, STEDAIR® 3000 meets and exceeds all requirements of NFPA 1971 (2007 edition) and provides incredible Total heat loss (THL) and thermal protective performance (TPP).

Designed with a Teflon moisture barrier and laminated with the DuPont™ Nomex® E89™ substrate , the STEDAIR® 3000 helps firefighters stay cooler and more comfortable while providing extra protection against water penetration, heat, and other harmful entities.

STEDAIR® 4000 - Material Specs
STEDAIR® 4000: A premium tri-component moisture barrier that provides outstanding protection for the fire service industry, STEDAIR® 4000 combines a woven 3.2 oz/yd2 DuPont™ Nomex® pajama check substrate with an enhanced bi-component membrane. This bi-component membrane is comprised of expanded PTFE (Teflon) matrix that has continuous hydrophilic (water-loving) and oleophobic (oil-hating) polymer coatings impregnated into the fabric.
W.L. Gore CROSSTECH® Black - Material Specs
Based on our latest technology, this new two-layer barrier maintains the same high level of breathability as our original two-layer barrier, with the added benefit of more durable protection. CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier withstands high heat exposure and still delivers excellent breathability and reliable waterproofness.
STEDAIR® Gold - Material Specs

Stedair Gold is comprised of a textile substrate and an intimate bicomponent membrane incorporating expanded ePTFE (Teflon®) with polyurethane. With Stedair Gold the ePTFE base provides the physical integrity that is necessary for the product to accomplish the many necessary performance features required by NFPA 1971 and to provide higher Total Heat Loss capability desired by our customers. Stedair moisture barriers with PBI provide the greatest thermal stability of any moisture barrier available within the Fire Service today.

W.L. Gore CROSSTECH® 3 Layer - Material Specs
If you need the highest level of durability, choose CROSSTECH® 3-layer moisture barrier. This is the most durable moisture barrier on the market today — providing rugged, long-lasting protection, even after exposure to extreme temperatures. This durable barrier has outstanding abrasion- and wear-resistance, from a unique construction that has shown to withstand high heat exposure and maintain excellent breathability and waterproofness. In fact, this barrier is so durable that it comes with a five-year warranty.
Thermal Barrier
Q8™ - Material Specs

TenCate Q-8™ thermal barriers prove their value among firefighters with compliant protection. With its 100% inherently flame resistant woven face cloth and non-woven batts,  TenCate Q-8™ provides protection at a price that fits your budget.

  • Affordable
  • NFPA 1971-2007 edition compliant
  • Wickable face cloth for greater comfort 
BRAVO™ 2-Layer - Material Specs
Bravo is a patent pending, revolutionary four fiber blended fabric originally designed as a fire resistant fabric for battle dress uniforms. Safety Components brings this same patent pending fabric technology to the fire service as an affordable, durable, and comfortable fire fighting thermal liner. Bravo brings together the best
properties of each fiber to create a durable, protective fabric, with a high level of
comfort and wick-ability. Bravo does all this while at an affordable price—even with a 2-layer spunlace batting system.
Defender™ M SL2 Brass / Camo - Material Specs

The TenCate Defender™ M thermal barrier is designed with the same fiber and technology used to protect U.S. Army and Marine ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007. The unique fiber blend in the face cloth offers structural firefighters superior moisture managment and exceptional comfort.

TenCate Defender™ M Face Cloth Features:

  • Soft face cloth offers exceptional comfort.
  • Supple fabric aids in donning and doffing.
  • Inherent wicking action ensures durable moisture management.
  • Outstanding resistance to pilling.
  • NFPA 1971-2007 and CAN/CGSB 155.1 certified. 

TenCate Defender™ M Batt Features:

  • SL2  
  • Good balance of TPP and THL for excellent thermal protection and greater heat stress relief.
  • Improved flexibility offers greater ease of movement. 
Caldura®­­ NPi / SL2i - Material Specs
TenCate Caldura®  is a leader in thermal barrier fabrics, has a smooth, slick face cloth that allows you to move in and out  of your gear with ease. Unmatched wickability moves perspiration away from your  body, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

TenCate Caldura® SL2i
  • Comfortable, thin and flexable
  • Excellent total heat loss(THL) and greater heat stress

TenCate Caldura® NPi
  • Superior thermal protection at a good value

TenCate Caldura® SL2i and TenCate Caldura® NPi

  • Slick face cloth- for easier donning and doffing
  • Durable- Resistant to snagging, pilling and abrasion
  • Wickwell™ Plus- Technology moves perspiration away from the body, spreads moisture for improved dissipation, comfort and un matched wickability.

GLIDE ICE™ PURE / 2L - Material Specs

Glide™, the specified protection for more US metro fire departments than any 
other thermal liner, just got better. Glide Ice, feels cool with its ice blue design 

woven in Safety Components’ patented weave that combines 60% DuPont™ Nomex® 
filament yarns with 40% Nomex®/Lenzing FR® spun yarns. It is the DuPont™ Nomex® 
filament that allows Glide Ice to exhibit superior performance in slickness for freedom 
of movement, flexibility for enhanced mobility, and fast dry times for the busy departments.

Quantum® 3D - Material Specs

TenCate Quantum3D® takes thermal barrier technology to an entirely new level. It's propriety, patent-pending design and slick face cloth, provide excellent TPP and THL performance, as well as greater ease of movement and maximum flexibility. TenCate Quantum3D® offers the best overall performance than any thermal barrier on the market.

 TenCate Quantum3D® SL2

  • Maximum Performance- Excellent balance of TPP and THL performance. Combined with ant TenCate outer shell, TenCate Quantum3D® improves composite performanc by delivering a 2-4 point higher TPP rating than Caldura SL2, while still offering excellent THL performance

TenCate Quantum3D® SL2

  • Maximum Flexibility-Twice as flexible as other leading thermal barriers on the market. Thin and flexible with a "slick", comfortable face cloth.
  • Wickwell™ Plus-Technology moves perspiration away from the body, spreads moisture for improved dissapation, comfort and unmatched wickability. 
comfort - performance - value

Veridian takes pride in manufacturing superior fire suits tailor made to our customer’s needs.

Contact us today to build your next suit.
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